Ricarlo is an exceptional individual whose passion for swimming is unmatched. This passion has led him to a Bachelors degree in Sports Science, and he has gained extensive experience in the field over the years. For three years, he has had the pleasure of working with Swalings, where he honed his skills and expertise. He also worked in 2022 as a Swimming Instructor for Contours KIDS by Contours Antigua during their summer swimming programme.

Ricarlo is now thrilled to share his profound knowledge and experience with others. He is willing and excited to teach newcomers to the sport or help those seeking to improve on their skillsets. 

Ricarlo has a personal connection to the benefits of swimming, both for physical and mental wellness. He is a great communicator, and his clients always feel comfortable and confident under his guidance. So, if you’re looking to improve your swimming abilities and set your goals, Ricarlo is the perfect person to help you achieve these aims.

What do we offer?

Swim with Ricarlo provides a complete swimming curriculum specialized for individuals between the ages of 4 and 60. Students have the option to enroll in either group or private classes, allowing for a personalized instruction experience that caters to their unique needs and preferences. For maximum convenience, classes typically take place at one of the 365 spectacular beaches located around the enchanting island of Antigua. Swim with Ricarlo strives to keep costs affordable for all students without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of instruction. With an emphasis on safety, fun, and achievement, there is no better place to learn and improve your swimming skills than at Swim with Ricarlo.


Swimming is a popular activity enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Here are some facts about swimming:

1. Swimming is a low-impact aerobic exercise that benefits the cardiovascular system, tones muscles, and improves endurance.

2. The first recorded swimming races were held in Japan in the 1st century BC.

3. Swimming is one of the most watched sports in the Summer Olympic Games.

4. The fastest stroke is the butterfly stroke, with swimmers able to reach speeds of up to 5 miles per hour.

5. Swim caps were first used in the early 20th century to reduce drag and improve speed.

6. The Olympic-sized swimming pool is 50 meters in length, 25 meters in width, and at least 2 meters in depth.

7. Swimming is also a popular recreational activity at public pools, beaches, lakes, and rivers.

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